Basic Info

Hi, I’m Jeremy Stephens, a North Alabama based record producer, mixer, and recording engineer. I have 20 years experience creating inspiring records with the best artists from around the world. My musical approach in the studio is my biggest asset, I’m not just a “button pusher”. I help artists capture the best performances of their career and provide and mainstream sounding final product.

Jeremy always sends us brilliant mixes. He’s as good as it gets!Geoff Pesche-Mastering Engineer Abbey Road Studios, London

I began my career as a musician playing electric bass in various rock bands and toured the southeastern U.S. During that time, I earned a degree in Entertainment Industry Management from The University of North Alabama and worked in various Nashville recording studios. I eventually landed a job engineering for legendary rock producer, Johnny Sandlin (Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, Capricorn Records) at his private studio, Duck Tape Music. In 2002, I started Clearwave Recording Studio as a home for my own production projects. Since then, Clearwave has become a springboard for several successful acts. In 2016, I expanded my career producing records for 10 Ton Records


I enjoy great songs performed by fantastic musicians on sweet sounding instruments. I tend to shoot for an organic, earthy, and human production. Those records sound timeless to me. In my opinion, productions where the sonic character is based on fads, computer technology and digital music generators sound dated after 2 or 3 years.
I prefer to work on analog equipment. Recording consoles, tape machines and outboard gear rather than the digital simulations of such equipment. Mostly because it usually sounds better and I make creative decisions faster that way. However, I still do work on D.A.W. platforms when the project calls for it. I am proficient on Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, and Logic.

  • Music Production

    My role as a producer is to do whatever it takes to capture the artist’s vision and to make a successful record.When studio musicians are needed, I call upon the best musicians in the world to be a part of my productions.I believe the studio is a musical environment and it is my job as a producer to not let technology get in the way of a great performance.My goal as a producer is present the artist’s music with an unique sonic aesthetic that enhances the character of their record and the identity of the artist.

  • Mixing

    Mixing is a creative process not a technical one. I approach it like I’m capturing a fantastic musical performance.A great mix steers the listener’s attention to the artist’s character and enhances what makes them unique.I believe successful a mix should have an emotional impact upon the listener.

  • Recording Engineer

    Honestly, this is my favorite part of music production. I love interacting with musicians and getting the best performances out of them.More than anything, my experience as a Producer and Mixer has changed the way I record tracks. I cut tracks as if I am mixing them. I only record tracks that have great tones and make the mix better.

My Work


Occasionally I get asked to direct music videos. I enjoy the challenge and feel like it’s similar to producing recorded music. We have lots of fun doing it, here are some examples of that work.

Friends I have produced, Mixed or engineered…

Lamont Landers
Albert Simpson
James Irvin
Derek Trucks
The Alabama Shakes
Gregg Allman
Chuck Leavell
Eddie “Spanky” Alford
Col. Bruce Hampton
Bob Margolin
Leroy Parnell
Jason Isbell
David Hood
Rodger Hawkins
T. Graham Brown
Oteil Brubridge
Percy Sledge
Jimmy Hall
Ben Trussell
Leon Russell
Highly Kind
Microwave Dave and the Nukes
Roscoe Beck

Michael Battito
Jamie Oldaker
Bonnie Bramlett
Brett Bigelow
Clayton Ivey
J.B. Roberts
Jimmy Herring
Good Morning Lucy
Billy Joe Shaver
The Kenneth Brian Band
Ikey Ownes
Travis Stephens
The Devere Pride Trio
Jimbo Mathus
Lillie Mae Rische
Vinnie Colaiuta
Jack Pearson
Duane Trucks
Hank Crawford
The Muscle Shoals Horns
Randall Bramblett
Chris Garrison
Randy California

Scott Todd
Southern Shift Records
Sherry Cochran
Topper Price
Johnny Sandlin
Josh Gooch
Greg Koch
Dave Anderson
The Skeeters
The Dozens
Wayne Mills
10 Ton Records
Capricorn Records
The Memphis Horns
Heady Brew
Grinder Switch
The Brides of Jesus
Jupiter Coyote
Adam Brown
Angela Hacker
Barry Billings
Jeff Sipe
Olivia Newton John

The Aquarium Rescue Unit
The Capricorn Rhythm Section
Preston Black
MyChildren MyBride
Tony Joe White
5 O’clock Charlie
Danny Brooks
Rockin’ Camel Records
John Willis
Lee Venters
Spooner Oldham
Bert David Newton
Seeking Clarity
Scott Boyer
53 Judges
Jarrod Barrier

and many more…



• Otari Status 18r-96 input analog console-Eagle Automation with total recall-Mogami wired patchbay


• MCI JH24-2 inch/24 track analog machine with ALIII locator
• Apogee DAW digital recording-24 track 24 bit 96khz HD system
• Otari MTR 10-1/4″ 2 track analog master recorder


• ATC SCM20PSL Pro Monitors
• DynAudio BM6a Active Monitors
• KRK 8000 Passive Monitors
• Yamaha NS-10
• JBL LSR308
• Crown Macro 2400 Power amp
• OZ Audio Q-mix (6 headphone mixes!)
• (2)Sony V6 Headphones
• (6)Sony MDR 7506 Headphones
• Sony v700 Headphones
• (2)Fostex T20 Headphones
• AKG 240 Headphones
• Sennheiser HD598


• Retro Instruments Sta-Level Compressor
• API 2500 Bus Compressor
• Tube-Tech LCA-2b Tube Master Compressor
• API 5500 Tracking/Mastering EQ
• (2) dbx 160x Tracking Compressor
• Aphex 612 Noise Gate
• Applied Research and Technology VLA compressor
• Emperical Labs Distressor
• BSS DPR 402 Compress Limiter/De-esser


• Lexicon PCM 90
• (2) Yamaha D1500 Delay
• Yamaha SPX 990
• Yamaha SPX 90II
• Yamaha D5000 Delay
• Ibanez (Sony) SDR-1000
• Accuverb Analog tube reverb
• TC Electronic D Two Delay


• (3) API 3124+ mic preamps (12 Channels of API 312 mic preamps)
• 2 Channels of Chandler Limited TG-2 Abbey Road mic pre
• 2 Channels of Langevin AM-4 mic pres
• 2 Channels of Custom Nichols mic pres


• Flea U47
• Neumann U87ai
• (2) Bock 195
• Neumann TLM 193
• (4) Sennheiser 421
• Shure SM7b
• (2) AKG 451
• Audio Techinca 4050
• (2) Heil PR-30
• (2) EV 408
• (2) Audio Techinca 4051a
• (4) Shure SM57
• (2) Shure SM58
• (2) Shure SM 81
• AKG D112
• Shure Beta 52
• (2) Countryman type 85 FET DI
• Raven Labs MDB-1
• Retrospec Audio Juice Box tube DI


• Yamaha Birch Custom recording drums
• Marshall 1977 50 watt JMP MKII
• Fender 1951 Pro Guitar Amp
• Yamaha P255 digital piano
• Ampeg 1971 V4B 100 watt bass amp
• Ampeg SVT II
• Ampeg 4X10 Cabinet
• Ampeg 1X15 Cabinet
• Marshall 4×12 Cabinet
• Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano
• Spector USA NS-2
• Fender P Bass USA
• Fender 1954 P Bass Reissue
• Fender Jazz Bass USA
• Modulus 5 String bass
• Kawai Fretless
• Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amp
• Gibson 60W Super goldtone 212


• EBS Comp
• MXR Octave
• MXR Envelope Filter
• Fulltone OCD
• Fulltone Tremolo
• Ampeg SCI
• MXR Flange


• Apple Mac Pro
• Apple Logic pro X
• Apple Final Cut Pro X
• Steinberg Cubase 8 Pro
• Apogee Symphony
• Apogee AD-16X Digital Audio Converter
• Apogee DA-16x Digital Audio Converter
• Apogee Rosetta 800 Digital Audio Converter
• 24 Inputs 24 Outputs
• Motorized fader Automation
• 1.21-Gigawatt 88mph Flux Capacitor


• Universal Audio UAD 2 12 Cores
• Neve 1073eq
• Neve 1081eq
• Neve 33609 Compressor
• Neve 88RS Channel Strip
• SSL 4000 G+ Channel Strip
• API 2500
• Heilos Type 69 eq
• Manley Massive Passive
• Pultec Pro eq
• Chandler Curve Bender
• 1176 Compressor
• LA-2A Compressor
• LA-3A Compressor
• AMS RMX16 Reverb
• Precision Limiter
• Ocean Way Room Simulator
• Plate 140 Reverb
• AKG BX20
• Roland RE-201 Delay
• SPL Transient Designer
• Ampex ATR-102
• Studer 800
• Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
• LimB Multiband Compressor
• Linear Phase EQ
• LoBand EQ
• Brainworx Collection
• Fabfilter Collection
• DMG Limitless
• Lexicon PSP 42 Delay
• Waves Abbey Road Vinyl
• Lexicon PSP 84 Delay


• Control Room-12X14x10
• Tracking Room-22x18x10
• Vocal Booth-10x12x8
• Drum Booth-12x14x8
• Guitar Amp Room 4×10